What Our New Healthcare Clients Are Saying!

"One patient emailed me, saying the video was informative and calming, and she nominates me to replace Dr. Fauci!"


- Brad P. MD

"Gents - I want to send you my sincerest gratitude for all the help you guys have provided. You're hearing that from a lot of people but it's true. You really helped our practices function and mine is low volume compared to most. I am almost overwhelmed by the gratitude of so many patients who viewed my video. It is such a lovely way to touch 302 people who viewed it. Thanks for this service. It's not only helping me take better care of patients, but it's probably the best tool for building my practice after the transition which of course you guys helped me withIn the best way possible."


- Morris H. MD


"This is so cool. The teleprompter makes it so easy to record my videos, and the scripts you provide make it easy to share informative relevant content quickly."


- Michael C. DC


"Thank you so much. I had multiple patients reply to my Coronavirus video. Many expressed their gratitude for sending them the video. Others told me it was reassuring to see my face and hear my voice. I look forward to seeing what we can do with digitalcare100 on the other side of the quarantine."


Cameron O. DC

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