Digital care is distributing valuable content, timely information, and supportive messages to clients in-between normal business interactions.



The goal of digital care is to ignite your business by providing a new style of communication that your clients have never seen before - personable videos.



Digital care is most effective when the content is helpful and not self-serving. 



Digital Care is most measurable when it's delivered in a text message because 98% of texts are read within 3 minutes and we can report on this.


Social media, websites, and YouTube are also proven outlets to distribute engaging content and should be included in your digital care initiatives.

Digital Care is your opportunity to create better relationships by sharing more engaging content.

digitalcare100 is a strategic model built specifically for your business – your very own action plan, designed to make your life more efficient and your client relationships more meaningful.

From powerful and informative videos to timely text messages with relevant articles, digitalcare100 makes it easy to create great content and share it directly with clients and prospects.

Our content is trendy, relevant, and built for today's consumer - the digital consumer - something we know a thing or two about. 

We're Madison Avenue.  We're Silicon Valley.  We're Tech Savvy Doctors. 

It's safe to say we know a thing or two about consumer behavior, the customer journey, client communication, and content creation.  Our team includes creative icons, tech disruptors, mobile app developers, and forward-thinking doctors.  Our Chief Marketing Officer has won every major industry award on Madison Avenue, and his Super Bowl Commercials consistently ranked in the ad meter TOP 10!

Our state-of-the-art engagement platform comes fully equipped with a robust content library, which includes hundreds of topic templates to select from - making it easy to kick-start your digital care initiatives.  This means no more brainstorming meetings tied to content creation.  We give the road map to client communication.



digitalcare100 offers recording scripts and a built-in teleprompter.  We also provide "ready-to share content" -  like curated videos from industry experts - designed to be immediately distributed to your audience.  Lastly, we supply you with text messaging templates that contain pre-written messages and links to engaging articles.  We're not just video!

Dr. Dan Sullivan, TCA

"The game changer all businesses need"

digitalcare100 puts your message, product, service and brand in front of your target market in the most effective way utilizing the latest neuroscience strategies that influence the decision-making part of the brain.

Record client videos, social media videos, video ads, explainer videos, and website videos - all optimized for online results.

The digitalcare100 studio is your copy-writer, your producer, your video-editor, your strategy expert - all in one.  It's the one-stop hub for creating content that connects.

No Creative Skills Required

- 100+ Video Scripts & Topic Templates

- Built-In Teleprompter 

- Easy-To-Use Video Editing Tools 

- Add Graphics, Logos, and Text

- Apply Frames, Filters, & More


How do you stay top-of-mind with your clients?  With our deep well of endless ways to communicate, create engaging content in minutes and share with everyone.

Create, Edit, and Share

Content Anywhere, Anytime

- Post To Social Media 

- Upload To Websites

- Send & Sequence Mass Text Messages

- Include In Email Campaigns

- Measure ROI on our Analytics Dashboard


All the digital tools you need -

bundled into one platform

Available on iOS & Android
Available On Computers
Video Editing Studio
Video Teleprompter
HD Video Recording
Social Media Videos
Social Media Advertising
Best Practice Video Scripts
Provide personalized attention and extend your reach & expertise.


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