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Video Engagement Solutions
for Dentists & Orthodontists

digitalcare100 makes it easy to connect with patients in-between office visits using proprietary video and text messaging technologies.


Finding it difficult to call your patients the night after an operation?  Create a few canned videos to replace the traditional phone call and deliver it straight to their phone via a text message.

Seeing a decline in patient cleanings?  Record a short video addressing the importance of  having your teeth cleaned twice-a-year and the risks associated with missing those appointments.

Feeling frustrated that you're not converting more treatment proposals?  Create short, reusable videos where you explain the importance of the proposed treatments - and the health and financial risks of waiting.

Creating one-hour crowns with state of the art 3-D technology?  Tell your patients about the process with your voice and deliver an informative video with helpful graphics and education.

digitalcare100 is your one-stop hub to create content that connects


Robust content library with 100+ best-practice video scripts and topic templates



Built-in teleprompter available on desktop browsers and our companion app on iOS and Android

Easy-to-use video recording & editing studio to create professional videos fast



Multiple distribution options including text messaging, email, social media, and website posting



Access to custom reporting and analytics to measure video campaigns 

digitalcare100 offers the best digital playbook to fast track your digital care initiatives

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Digital care creates great referrals, organic reviews, increased customer retention, and attracts new clients

Other Videos Dental Practices Need

Website welcome videos: Nobody wants to go to a shady dentist’s office, so create a video to welcome them and introduce yourself and key staff members beforehand. Text this video as well.


Dentist and hygienist profile videos: Having profile videos is a great way to increase the confidence and trust of your patients.  Show patients your personality versus telling them about it with words.  Remember, people are four times more likely to watch videos than read copy.


Patient review videos: In the past two years, videos with the word “review” in the title had more than 50,000 years’ worth of watch time on mobile alone. By having testimonials and reviews from previous patients, you not only build confidence in your abilities, but you also build a patient’s trust in your staff.


Procedure and treatment overviews: If you perform dental surgeries, create videos of the procedure overview and the after-effects.  Provide better clarity and answer objections on the front-end, before your patients ask.


Educational videos on frequently asked questions or dental conditions“Should I use activated charcoal to whiten my teeth?” “How long does Invisalign take?” “How do I know if I have a cavity?” These types of questions are ones that can be easily answered in the form of videos.  And 100+ video scripts addressing questions like this are available in our content library.

Customers Like Videos

In fact, people like them so much that a video is 50 times more likely to rank higher in Google search results than text-only pages and 90% of  patients now expect helpful, informative content from their dental providers.  Are you creating personalized videos at your practice?

Practicing digital care is the best solution to keep patients returning for bi-annual cleanings and continually saying yes to proposed treatment procedures



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