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Integrated Mass Text Messaging

digitalcare100 offers the best text messaging solutions for client communication

digitalcare100 will transform you into a client-texting expert and the benefits are almost as instant as the message delivery itself.
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Text and respond to clients from your computer, tablet, or mobile browser and track open rates and views! 

From Staff to Team: Assistant roles will be elevated into making a true impact by participating in building your business and engaging clients in positive ways.

Tagging Capabilities: Communicate with individuals, groups, or your entire client roster.


Built-In Calendar System: Customize sending to the rhythm of your business by scheduling or sequencing care messages to deliver within certain time periods.


Care Maintenance Dashboards: Stay in tune with numbers and performance, click-through rates, video views, social impact, and more.

Video Thumbnails, Gifs and Logo Inclusion:  Send text messages with thumbnails, gifs and your company logo making your text messages more attractive and relevant.

This integrated distribution technology is what allows you to truly keep the conversation going. With digitalcare100, your clients are never more than a text away.
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