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example videos

Example videos created on digitalcare100
Quickly add graphics, frames, and strategic copy points to make your videos more engaging and shareable

digitalcare100 puts your message, product, service and brand in front of your target market in the most effective way utilizing the latest neuroscience strategies that influence the decision-making part of the brain.

The digitalcare100 process

Video Recording
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gif - teleprompter.gif
Select a pre-written script or start from scratch. Record your video on your phone or computer leveraging our built-in teleprompter.
Video Editing (1).gif
Add visual graphics, strategic copy and frames to your videos to ensure professional look and better convey your message.
Video Sharing (2).gif
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Copy the link we seamlessly generate for each video and share in just a few clicks.  Sharing options include texting your video to individuals, groups, or your entire client roster. Or send videos via email, embed to your website, or post to social media.
Video Analytics
Review real-time analytics on our reporting dashboards. We track elements like total views, unique views, and top referrer pages like Facebook.
Digital Care By The Numbers



of people can recall a video 30 days later



of people want video content or helpful tips



Video Marketing improves conversion rates for prospects



of mobile users share videos with friends

All the digital tools you need -
bundled into one platform

Available on iOS & Android
Available On Computers
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Video Editing Studio
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Video Teleprompter
HD Video Recording
Social Media Videos
Social Media Advertising
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Best Practice Video Scripts

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