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Tip # 1 – Location, location, location – the goal of videos posted to social media is to get someone to stop scrolling and watch your video. If you use the same location in your office, using the same background for every video, viewers will think that they’ve already seen the video. Change it up and record in different locations around your office, both inside and outdoors. Using the dc100 video app, you’ll be recording amazing videos right on your phone, which means you can easily take it anywhere you’d like.

Tip # 2 – Equipment. You DO NOT need any fancy equipment. There is no need for DSLR cameras, bulky box lights, or any other “studio” equipment. Use your SMARTPHONE. Most mobile phones have excellent cameras these days, including some of the newer phones recording 4K videos. The dc100 recording app will utilize your phone, and the native device to record excellent quality videos.

Tip # 3 is lighting. You want to make sure you are well lit, particularly your face with no shadows. The easiest way to ensure good lighting is to face a window while recording, as natural light is preferred. As I mentioned before, you do not need bulky light boxes that have to be setup and broken down every time you’d like to record a video. Using the dc100 app on your phone will allow you to capture ideal lighting. Furthermore, various filters are available after recording to help with lighting. We also have an amazing ring light and tripod we recommend that you can bring anywhere.

Tip # 4 – Intro's and Outro's are NOT needed. Adding fancy intro's and outro's will make the video look over produced and too professional. Authentic selfie videos are what resonate on social media, not professional chiropractic commercials. DC100’s built in editing studio will help you get just the right amount of professionalism without being over the top. Think polished quality, not professional commercial.

Tip # 5 – Record for an audience of one. If you’re recording a video about headaches, think of that one headache customer that you’ve helped. Speak to the camera as if you’re speaking to that one customer, not to a social media audience. DC100 includes a built-in teleprompter. This allows you to not only nail the video on the first take, but also confidently know that you have a script in front of you, so that you can really connect with that one customer or prospect that you’re trying to connect with.

To learn more about the digitalcare100 video recording platform, visit the DC100 website @


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