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4 Reasons Mobile Messaging is Important

Why does mobile messaging work? It’s pretty simple, just consider the following statistics as you decide what to include in your marketing mix:

1. Everyone has a Cell Phone

  • 95% of Americans own a cell phone.

  • Over 80% own a smartphone

2. Everyone Texts

  • Age 18-29: 100% of people use text regularly

  • Age 30-49: 98% of people use text regularly

  • Age 50 and over: 90% of people use text regularly

3. Texts are Read Quickly

  • Mobile has a higher success rate than anything else, as 98% of texts are opened within 3 minutes of delivery

4. Text Messaging Identifies You As an “Insider”

  • Using text messaging “brands” you as being part of their inner circle, and as a result, your messages are quickly seen and acknowledged (conversely, using emails and voicemail labels you as being “outside” of that social circle)

Is mobile messaging a part of your practice? If not, it’s only a matter of time before your patients find another provider who has the right marketing mix. Don’t be outsmarted by your competitors.


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