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December Topics for Chiropractors

Winter is here! And unlike new episodes of Game of Thrones (RIP), the holidays will be here soon. The holiday season is full of celebrations and reunions with friends and family, along with all of the unhealthy temptations they bring! As you well know, the colder months can lead to unhealthy choices from your patients. Colder weather makes it harder to get outside for exercise and crucial vitamin D, celebrations are rife with fatty & highly-processed snacks, and the increased stress of the holidays can depress moods and immune systems.

To help you help your patients, we've curated a selection of video scripts and text topics to send to your patients over the next few weeks. Topics include:

  • At-Home Exercises: a reminder to keep patients on track with their exercises while they're traveling

  • Shoveling Snow Properly: a few helpful tips for those in snowy climates

  • Stay Healthy this Winter: a video script with tips on combatting winter temptations and bad habits

  • Stretching: a topic that's important to revisit during the cold months

  • 2 topics for charity drives: be a leader in your community by giving back and encouraging your patients to do the same

  • a holiday text: to let your patients know that you're thinking of them

The good news about these topics is that they're all short, sweet, and to-the-point! Take a few minutes on a slow day to record some of these topics and I promise that your patients will love the personal touch of hearing from their doctor this holiday season.


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