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Posting DC100 Videos to Instagram

With 1 BILLION active accounts on Instagram and half of those logging in daily, Instagram is emerging as one of the most popular social media sites in the world. Of these daily users, 20% of their time is spent in the "explore tab", meaning that Instagram is an incredible way for users to discover your business, and evidence shows that video is most effective for capturing new prospects. Remember, 73% of consumers say that a brand's social media is important in making purchases decisions.

Below is a quick guide to uploading videos from your DC100 library to Instagram.

  • Start by selecting "videos" under the "my library tab

  • hover over your video and click the arrow and box icon to open up the download menu

  • click "download" to compile your video

  • once your video is compiled, right click and select "Save video as..."

  • Save your video to a folder that you can easily find with a recognizable name

  • Send this file to your smartphone via email, Google Drive, Dropbox, Apple iCloud, or a similar filesharing platform

  • Download the video onto your smartphone

  • Open your Instagram app

  • Select the [+] icon to upload your video

  • Click the <> icon in the bottom right to ensure that the whole video displays

  • If desired, filter, tag, and label your video before posting

  • To ensure reaching the most people make liberal use of hashtags, check-in with your location, and tag relevant accounts


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