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Prepare for 2020 by Recording the 8 Videos that Every Chiropractor Needs

Effective communication is key to improving compliance and increasing patient satisfaction. Video recordings ensure that patients have a comprehensive understanding of their treatment plans and wellness journey. Many doctors discuss the same topics with most of their patients, whether it’s first appointment expectations, their treatment process, or simply the table topic of the month. Taking an afternoon on a slow day in the office is all that’s needed to knock out your most-used topics and save yourself time over the next calendar year.

Record Video Messages to Improve Patient Communication & Retention

1. First Appointment Expectations: make a video telling your patients what to expect when they enter your practice. If desired, you can configure the landing page that displays the video to have a link to your paperwork or schedule.

2. At-Home Exercises: this is a great topic to increase patient compliance with exercises. You can use our digitalcare100 templates for a general message reminding your patients to follow your advice, or you can make custom videos for common exercises for rehabilitation.

3. Stretching: as the days grow colder, stretching becomes more important. Record this video as a valuable piece of information and a helpful reminder for your patients. This video can be an educational video targeted for a specific exercise, or it can be a general reminder video used to improve patient compliance across your practice.

4. Ice vs. Heat: this is one of the most common-asked questions for chiropractors, "Should I be using ice or heat for my pain?" Video content like this is great to share because this is a valuable piece for patient education, but can also be used as a social media video or posted to your website to improve SEO.

Record video messages to hold your patients accountable

An undoubtedly important factor for patient retention is patient compliance. When patients don't follow their doctors' instructions, they don't see the same positive results they would if they complied with their given routines. Use these video templates to highlight the importance of commitment and communication from the patients in your care.

1. Tell Me Everything: this patient compliance video is used to remind patients to never withhold health history from you. Oftentimes, new patients can be hesitant to share all of their health history with a doctor they've just started seeing, but having a full picture of a patient's medical record is crucial to making an accurate diagnosis and effective recovery plan. Patients that refrain from withholding information heal more quickly, leading to better retention, reviews, and referrals.

2. Committing to the Process: use this video to boost your retention and reduce the number of patients that don't complete care. Many patients you see will be receiving chiropractic care for the first time, so use this video message to explain the importance of sticking with the recovery plan that you've developed. Patients that receive this message are more likely to stay in your care and become healthy and as a result will recommend you to friends and family and go to you the next time that they require your services.

3. Not Following Instructions: an important piece of patient compliance is holding your patients accountable. Calling a patient out for not following your instructions or making bad health choices isn't a fun experience for either party, but it's a necessary evil for ensuring that your patients get the most out of their time with your practice.

Re-Activate Former Patients with a Promotion

Most doctors have the contact information for patients that they’ve treated before but have lost contact with, but unfortunately, few doctors take active measures to reengage the patients that have stopped visiting them for care. According to a Harvard Business School report, a 5% increase in retention can result in a 25% to 95% increase in profits! Further, 80% of a practice's future revenue can come from just 20% of its existing patients. Thus, utilizing video communication, educational videos, and video testimonials are crucial for keeping your practice competitive heading into 2020. Take some time at the end of this month to build a list of patients you’d like to see again and plan to reengage them and invite them back to your practice.

In our digitalcare100 Content Library there is a script labeled “Re-Activations (Chiropractic Special Offer)” – use this script or one of your own reach out to patients that you haven’t seen in a long time with a limited promotion.


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