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Starting digital care is the most important part

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Getting started with a new habit that will change the way your practice engages with its patients is no small feat, and frankly, many doctor freeze up at the thought of doing something new and not being entirely perfect at it.

I'm here to say that it's totally normal, and remind you of two important pieces. 1, the quote below:

And 2, FINISHED IS BETTER THAN PERFECT! Most doctors are failing to communicate with their patients at all outside of appointments, so taking the first step and getting a B+ is far better than the chiropractors that are failing by not trying.

To help overcome this hesitancy I decided to write a short guide on a campaign to start practicing digital care using a few examples from the doctors that we work with.

The first video that you should record is one that every new patient at your practice should be receiving: 1st Appointment Expectations. I've embedded an example from Dr. Donnelly below.

For this video, you'll want to edit the script to accurately describe what your patients can expect the first time they visit your office. This video is your opportunity to save yourself and your team's time by updating your new patients on your procedures before they even get to your office. Dr. Donnelly has his assistant tell every new patient that they'll be receiving a text with all of the information they need before coming to the office. To add another level of convenience, Dr. Donnelly also includes leverages his landing page by including a link below the video to his new patient paperwork, saving his office and his new patients precious office time and making their on-boarding process smoother.

A second video that chiropractors love to keep in their arsenal is Ice vs. Heat. This video can work well as an introduction to digital care messages, a touch point for active patients, or an outreach message to re-engage customers that you haven't seen for some time.

Dr. Bolar did a great job in this video, and I'd like to point out a couple of pieces:

  • The video is short, but packed with great information

  • Dr. Bolar comes across as engaged and excited

  • The video has images that help the viewer understand & remember the content, plus it makes the video more visually interesting

With this video in his arsenal, Dr. Bolar will be able to continuously use this to provide value to active patients, re-engage patients he's no longer seeing, and educate his new patients.

To complete your first batch of care messages, I'd recommend using "Stretching" as your next video. Here's an example from one of our users, Dr. Marchant:

This is another great example of a valuable care message! In this video, Dr. Marchant is personable, excited, and providing value to her patients. Much like the Ice vs. Heat message, this message is great for new patients, active patients, and patients that have stopped coming in to get adjusted.

That's it for the kick-start videos - only a total of about 2 minutes worth of recordings! Even with graphics, you can easily knock these out with just a bit of time set aside in your afternoon,


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