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Why Does Attention Matter?

Do you ever feel like you deserve more attention? That you deserve more care? Especially from your chiropractor? Chirocare100 empowers chiropractors to show patients you care in-between office visits by making it easy to create personable videos and sequentially share them with patients. Providing attention shows patients you care and the best way to capture attention is with video.

Create Content That Connects

chirocare100 provides chiropractors with all the tools to succeed - like best practice video scripts and a built-in teleprompter to nail videos on the 1st take.

Attention Matters

If you don't capture the attention of your patients, you're not giving them what they expect. 40% of patients take some kind of action after viewing a video. It's no secret, patient acquisition follows digital care. Did you know that 91% of patients actually expect digital care from their chiropractor?


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